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Kosher from Russia

Department of  Kosher from Russia, Saprosorb is a unique in the world a kosher feed additive

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SaproSORB - Feed additive with organic, micro and macro elements, with sorbent properties, environmentally friendly product is not deduces a vitamins but nourishes, for cows, pigs, chickens

Компания ЗАО Респект - пищевые ингредиенты,кормовые добавки, Сапросорб Saprosorb


CJSC "RESPECT" dynamic development company on the Russian market since 2004. Main activities of the company:

  1. Supply of food ingredients for meat industry such as: animal proteins, spice blends, multifunctional mixture for injection, phosphates, edible coating, crumbs mixtures, aromatics, refresheners meat, carrageenan, acidity regulators, and more. Meat industry experts can find any ingredient or material for production.

  2. Manufacture and supply of Environmentally safe natural sorbent / adsorbent of mycotoxins broad-spectrum "SaproSORB" (Saprosorb - State registration number - PVR - 2 - 39. 12/02893) feed supplement for the adsorption of mycotoxins in feed of farm animals, including birds.

Besides its own production company CJSC "RESPECT" supplies products to foreign firms such as: carmine, gums, antioxidants, preservatives, stabilizers, heat aromatics, emulsifiers, Natamycin (delvotsid), Nisin.

Specialists of  company with participation of foreign and native of scientific organizations, advanced technologies adapted to the Russian conditions and based on them have developed technological processes and ingredients for food industry.

Application of the newest knowledge in the field of science-based feeding of agricultural animals and birds has allowed experts of the company create a fundamentally new product: «SaproSORB», combining the functions of a wide range of effective adsorbent of mycotoxins and feed additives, enriching ration micro and macro minerals..

Long-term strong ties with suppliers, professional staff, operational work with regional companies can produce high quality products demanded in all regions of Russia.

Technology Department in conjunction with the laboratory are paying attention on individual orders of producers and devise a new items.

Transportation Department makes delivery of goods to any region of Russia.

Technological support, efficiency in manufacture and supply, good quality, reasonable prices, provide the basis for a lasting mutually beneficial cooperation.

Adress: City of Moscow

Telephone: 8 (499) 968 - 95 - 60

Fax: 8 (499) 968 - 95 - 60

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Food Ingredients: spice blends, karmin, emulsifiers, stabilizers, marinades, phosphates and etc..
Forage additives: Saprosorb - feed additives for animals and animal products - sorbent / adsorbent of mycotoxins!