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Kosher from Russia

Department of  Kosher from Russia, Saprosorb is a unique in the world a kosher feed additive

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Poultry breeding

ZAO “Mosselprom”

The experiment on production and economic effectiveness of SaproSORB sorbing agent had been occurring on the broiler chickens from ZAO “Mosselprom” factory during the period from 01/11/2011 to 03/04/2011.

The result of the experiment showed that the experimental group, to which SaproSORB was given in 4kg per 1 tonne of the ready feed stuff, achieved a higher index (EPEF) and a better economic effectiveness having regard to the production of 1kg of meat.


OAO “Broiler Ryazany”

Production and economical effectiveness of SaproSORB sorbing agent had been testing on the broiler chickens of OAO “Broiler Ryazany” during the period from 01/23/2011 to 03/05/2011.

SaproSORB insertion standard was 3kg per 1 tonne of the ready feed stuff.

The experiment results showed that SaproSORB usage increased the average daily additional weight, improved feed conversion, saved more broiler chickens. EPEF index in the experimental groups was 246 and 251 to 218 and 225 in the control group, respectively.



Hog breeding

OOO “Dymov Yug”

Production and economic effectiveness of SaproSORB usage had been testing on the fattening pigs of OOO “Dymov Yug” during the period from 12/20/2010 to 03/01/2011.

The experiment showed that SaproSORB insertion to the feed stuff of the fattening groups in 4kg per 1 tonne of the ready feed stuff improved pigs` additional weight and the safety.


OAO “Orshansky Kombinat Khleboproductov”

The experiment on sorbing functions of SaproSORB sorbing agent in the conditions of the industrial feed production occurred in OAO “Orshansky Kombinat Khleboproductov” ( Orsha Bread Factory) in the Republic of Belarus.

In the course of the experiment the experimental feed stuff 3-СК-26 with 0,4%  of "SaproSORB " produced by OAO “Orshansky KHP” was given to the fattening pigs of Dubrovensky PU

The experiment had been occurring for 130 days.

The experiment revealed that the average daily additional weight in the experimental group grew 64g up to the control group.

Feed costs reduction per 1kg of the additional weight in the experimental group was 0,12 down the control group.


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